What We Do

We are fabrication house specializing in Puppet Design and Stage Craft. Colorphony Creations provide creative solutions for theater and film productions at the highest quality of engineering and fabrication. Here at Colorphony we love a challenge. Our team can help your next production look great and be fun to perform. Look below for some examples of our puppets, but we also provide full 2-D and 3-D miniature set design and puppet-set-design; as well as mechanisms, and puppet repair.

Our Team


At The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Tyler studied sculpture and puppetry. After becoming an alumni, his creations were seen in many Chicago Children's Theater productions, as well as his own independent productions for local parks in Chicago. He is the co-founder of Colorphony and chief puppet fabricator.



After Executive Producing the first season of The Magic Boat, Jacob helped co-found Colorphony Creations. With his extensive knowledge of carpentry and electrical-work, he created the set-division consisting of miniatures, puppet props, and puppet sets. Jacob is the producer and general manager at our fabrication house.



Contact Us

No request is too wild, so drop us a line and ask any question regarding your upcoming theater or film project. We work by freelance, hour-rate, and seasonal contract agreements, plus we're happy to be flexible. If you have a puppet you'd like designed, let us know and we will be in contact soon. Cheers!