Tyler Scott Culligan is an animator, puppet builder, script writer, producer and vision maker living in Nashville, TN. Check out his work below and work with him through e-mail, or mobile.



The Magic Boat

Tyler Scott Culligan is the creator and writer of The Magic Boat web-series on YouTube. The Magic Boat’s quality content is low-stimulus, but still engaging and accessible for all ages. Every character is authentically engineered to foster positive interactions and genuine dialogue.

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About Our Process

Through e-mail, skype calls, or over the phone we can hatch an idea for a creation, or bring Tyler on board for work on a project.

Contact Us

This is where we get to meet you! If you have a puppet in mind lets get the ball rolling, or if you have a project you'd like to discuss Tyler is availible for freelance contracting. Cheers!

Phone: 813 477 0377