The Creator

Tyler Scott Culligan has over seven years of experience building puppets for theater and film. He graduated from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago where he studied puppet building, performance and sculpture. Almost immediately he began creating puppets for productions and performing straight out of art school in the competitive Chicago theater scene. He has built puppets for world-famous theaters such as Lookinglass Theater, and performed with world-renowned puppetteers such as Blair Thomas and Company.

Colorphony Creations is the collected work of Tyler Scott Culligan. He is a puppet builder, script writer, producer and vision maker. Check out his work below and employ him through e-mail, or mobile.


The Magic Boat

The Magic Boat is the first Web-Series produced entirely by Colorphony Creations. Tyler Scott Culligan is the creator and writer, Tayler Elise Culligan is the Artistic Director, and Jason Gerber is the Director of Photogrphy. Its not as zany as your typical kids material, and we think that’s for good reason; with slower pacing and more relatable situations children are allowed time to grow along with the characters. It's a safe place with real friends, real struggles and real laughs.

The show takes place aboard a magical boat who has a mind of her own. The writers and creators of the show take just as much care with their wholesome, positive voice as they do with their puppets and hand-crafted special effects. The Magic Boat’s quality content is low-stimulus, but still engaging and accessible for all ages. Every character is authentically engineered to foster positive interactions and genuine dialogue.

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About Our Process

Through e-mail, skype calls, or over the phone we can hatch an idea for a creation, or bring Tyler on board for work on a project.

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This is where we get to meet you! If you have a puppet in mind lets get the ball rolling, or if you have a project you'd like to discuss Tyler is availible for freelance contracting. Cheers!

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